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Sunday, February 20, 2011


So Hilary and I love to go to Disneyland. Well, our whole family loves to go to Disneyland but not everyone can the way we do. Hilary and I have annual passes and try to go every few months. We for sure always do a trip in January or February, some of the best months to go. This last trip we got to be there for Valentine's Day and it was a lot of fun. First, for the last few months they have been have family fun weekends. We were there for the Lunar New Year. We saw dragons dancing and Mulan and Mushu. It was a lot a fun. Then on Valentine's Day we visited with the Princess and they all had their Princes with them. It was so cool. We also got to meet the newest Princess and her leading man, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. It was a great and relaxing trip. The weather was nice, I even came home with a sun burn. I really love Disneyland.