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Friday, January 7, 2011

Not So Good At This....

I guess I'm not so good at the posting part of this. I bug friends to hurry and post and then I go so long without posting though I have things to say. Funny.
First, I am now a published author. My short story, "Down" was chosen to to be published in Folio, Salt Lake Community College's magazine. It came out on December 2nd and I'm very excited. I know it's just a community college magazine, but it is a stepping stone on the path to where I want to be and an actual writing experience for my resume when I send my next book to a publisher.

Next, I was lucky to have the opportunity to go to New York for a weekend in December. The airfare was too great to pass up and my uncle Michael let us visit him. My uncle Michael and aunt Tracy were great on the trip. They would take us to and from the Stanton Island Ferry so we could go into the city and they and our cousins Jenna and Tashina would come hang out with us. It was so much fun. We got to see Santa Claus at Macy's and the Rockefeller Tree that is huge. It was so great. Thank you Uncle Michael and aunt Tracy for everything and Hilary for getting the tickets and Ashley's mom for letting us know about them.  It was the best!

Santa Claus at Macy's on 34th Street

Walking through Central Park. We got off on the wrong side of where we wanted to go so we ended up walking from one end to the other. It was a long walk but a great way to experience the park.

Standing in front of Rockefeller Tree.

The ball for the 2011 drop in Times Square.

The Hopes and Dreams confetti wall. We got to write our hopes and dreams for 2011 on some confetti and it fell on Times Square during the ball drop. It was so fun to watch and pretend each time a blue went passed that it could be mine.

Purse shopping on Canal Street. It was an interesting experience. Not at all like Washington DC.

Hanging out on the ferry to Manhattan.

I thought this was a good one to express our trips on the subway but then I realized its missing the most important of the subway evils. Smell no evil. :)

The Hans Christian Anderson statue in Central Park. I got to hang out with The Ugly Duckling.

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was great. This is just some of the things that we squeezed into our four day trip. I love New York.