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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Sad Ending...

After a season of ups and downs we were exciting going into the BYU - U of U game. A month ago we thought we didn't stand a chance in this game. This morning we were optimistic that we could at least give them a good game. We were right. Both the defenses were out in force. The offense had a had time getting first downs and yards. At the half it was BYU 6 Utah 0. We were feeling pretty good but knew we still had another half to go.
         At the very end of the third quarter Utah made it on the board for the first time. BYU was at 13. Quickly in the four quarter Utah scored a touchdown. We were only up by three. Then a field goal by us. We were stressing. It seems they always are in the rivalery game. About four minutes left in the game and some blown plays and blown calls Utah makes another touchdown and takes the lead for the first time in the game. BYU gets down field and there are four seconds left. Mitch Payne, the great senior kicker, gets ready and .. a Utah defensiveman got through and jumped on the ball. We lost in in the end by one point after having the lead. It was very very sad. We were so close just a few missed plays here and there kept them from victory. Next year they well meet again September, now that they aren't in the same conference. We will be ready then to find the win once again. Be prepared.... :)

Black Friday!...

Black Friday is huge at our house. My sisters both buy newspapers on Thanksgiving so we can all have ads and we start the search. We make list of what we want on each store and compare. That night after dinner is over we make plans with relatives. Find out if someone is going somewhere else and see if they could get your list. Then we make a plan for breakfast. We always meet together for breakfast after the doorbusters are over. Around ten or eleven. The last two years we have gone to Britton's. It is a great small restaurant in Union Square by my house. It's very good and the people are friendly. Last year we also started a tradition of getting pedicures. Perfect after a long morning of walking and waiting. We had been out since almost midnight when Walmart opened and the line at Target for over an hour. We were well ready for some relaxing. The pedicures were amazing! We went to Pella on 94th, my favorite place to go. It was perfect. After that we were ready to go some more. A few more stores and home again. With little sleep and sore feet we went home happy. I got a bunch of new DVD's, a weakness of mine. Band Hero, a soft pillow, and many other small things. So much fun. We love Black Friday!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I needed to post something for an english class so though this story is from February I thought I would share this one.
            It was a long weekend so my sister Hilary and I decided to take a trip to Disneyland. We decided to make it special by taking Tori with us.  Tori is Hilary’s best friend. Hilary met her when Tori was only six and Hilary was working in her classroom. She is now sixteen, hence taking Tori with us to Disneyland. What better way to spend your sweet sixteen.
                Something else special about Tori is that she has Rett Syndrome. Because of this she is in a wheelchair and doesn’t communicate the same way we do. Still, when she wants you know how she feels she’ll tell you.
                We went to meet the princesses that first day. First came Snow White, she smiled and was happy to see her, but not overly. Not was Sleeping Beauty. Tori reacted the same. Last was Cinderella. That girl’s eyes lit up. She was smiling so big her face had to be hurting and she was ‘talking’ and giggling. One of the symptoms of Rett Syndrome has to do with losing control of your hands and they will often clap or move their hands to their mouths or such. Tori was so excited her hands clapped together again and again.
It was the same with Mickey. Tori charmed him with her smile just like every guy she meets. She had this way of looking at boys and giggling. When she laughs you just want to laugh with her. The boys were wrapped around her fingers, from Mickey to waiters, they never stood a chance.
Disneyland is one of my places. It is so much fun. With Tori it made it all the more magical.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Witches...

Every week we do play dates. My two nephews, Layne and Logan, and my cute little Annie. Every year we make sure to visit the witches at Gardner Village. The kids love it. It is one of Annie's favorite activities. Every October Gardner Village puts up witch statues around and we go around to look at them and do some shopping. We like to look for old favorites and try to find some new ones. The baseball witches are one of my favorites so I decided I would try to put a picture on my blog with the kids in front of it. Let's see if this works.
This is the best I could. Do how hard it is to get one of these kids to look at the camera, let alone all three. They make me laugh. Anyway, the witches are a favorite so I wanted to share.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Can only go up from here...

Okay, so I was very excited about the up coming BYU season after the first game. Now we are a month in and are 1-3. It's been tough to watch the last couple games. Yesterday was hard. I was up at three after watching Arthur overnight. As anyone in my family will tell you I am not a pleasant person when I am tired. I get very grouchy. The game was going bad, the guys behind me were annoying, one of them kept yelling and would spit when he yelled and I was directly in its path. By half time I was kind of done. Luckily Emily was with me. We ended up sharing a dippin dots, yum! and going to the cougar den and buying some new things. Unfortunately, retail therapy works really well for me. The second half went better than the first, but they were too far behind. We lost. Still, I'm grateful for Emily and Lindsay (through texts) help me out of my mood and BYU can only go up from here. I am still going to be optimistic about the games to come.

Monday, September 13, 2010

What is our happiness...

Lately I have been hearing a lot of sadness. I am a venting post for some of my friends so when they can't stand it anymore and they just need someone to release to I am there. I don't mind. I completely understand the need for a good venting. Believe me, I have been in the same position. But at times it can weigh you down as well. Everything piling on everything and you need to be strong and give words of encouragement and you wonder how you can get out of there. Some times it is something as simple as cheese fries or ice cream. Not bad helpers. Other times its going to your own personal ventee. Thanks Mom! And sometimes it is a matter of self-revelation. Always the best really but usually the hardest to do. When I was in Seminary I had a teacher that told us all to put our shoe in a pile. Then he told us that shoe was all our troubles. He said that when looking at others troubles most people would hurry and pick up their own trials and happily leave. I have had trials lately. Things that would seem small to others but really hurt me. But then I look at others and its true. I would choose my own trials. I have an amazing family that will help me through anything. Great friends to help me destress. And a wonderful life full of possibilities. What an amazing world to live in.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Looks Like a Good Season Ahead...

Today was the first BYU game of the new season. I love going to the games. Over half my family counts down to the first game. We were not disappointed. There was some worries going in. Our quarterback along with many other critical members of the team graduated last year and the new team is young. They have two quarterbacks switching off and three different tight ends, it was going to be interesting to see where these changes led. The first quarter started off rocky and I will admit I had my doubts. Washington scored first putting us behind less than five minutes into the game. Then BYU's first score come from a safety,which was kind of cool because I had never seen one scored before, but disappointing that the other team had to score for us. In the second quarter things started picking up and I saw a glimmer of hope. Still, at the half we were down 13 to 17. Then the second half started and I don't know what Coach Bronco said but they got their rhythm. Washington wasn't able to score again and it ended with a cougar win of 23 to 17. Next week is an away game so I am predicting another shaky start but in the end I am envisioning good things happening for BYU this season. GO COUGARS!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let's see how this works....

Okay, so I've been saying if I get published I want to start a blog and so I hadn't yet. What would I have to write about? I still am kind of in that place but I am bored right now and was reading other blogs and decided to go for it. It has been a full week. My little nanny girl, Annie started kindergarten which leaves me more time for other things, at least that is what I tell myself. Really it breaks my heart. It's only a couple hours but I miss her like crazy and the end of this job, that I have had pretty much since they found out they were even pregnant Annie, is in sight. One more year. I also found out today that that my sister is having a girl. She already has one little boy, Logan. We all love him a ton and are excited for our new addition. Beyond that it's just trying to get the house ready so my sister and her family can move in in the next couple weeks. Man, I don't know if this helped. Sure I was less bored typing it, but did everyone else get bored reading it. Hey, first post. Give me a chance. Maybe something more interesting will come along tomorrow :).